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New Years Eve 2004

Passage to India

Diving the Similan Islands

Northern Thailand

Paddling Southern Thailand


Each passage has it's own character.

See a short narrated account of each passage by clicking on the map below.

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Map Yemen to Egypt Oman to Yemen India to Oman Thailand to India

Ken taking a moon sight.

Read the details of

Kens sailing experience.

Steering the tall ship Endeavour

It takes four hands to handle Endeavour

Drawing of colliding ship and sailboat.

Ships don't NECESSARILY pass in the night.

Drawing of sinking sailboat.

Captain Ken goes sailing ! And almost goes down with the ship!

Patient contact in Honduras. In the La Moskitia region of Honduras, the only health care available is done by volunteers with International Health Service. In addition to providing dental and medical care, IHS provides eye care to those in need. Here, with a translator, I fit two of our clients with donated glasses.

Read about the lighter side of my Medical Mission to Honduras.

Winter Olympics 2002: A view from the bunker. Ken in uniform with respirator.

Cave rescue practice at NCRC. The National Cave Rescue Commision has yearly cave rescue seminars. Here, I play a helpless victim while a rescuer practices lowering me without my help.

Read about cave rescue from the victims perspective.

The representation of hands as shown in this Australian rock painting evolved independently on several continents in prehistoric times. It is widely recognized as the first of human attempts to express a sense of identity and demonstrates the innate curiousity the human race has about itself. Having the benefit of written language, I have authored my own Biographical Introspections. Australian aboriginal painting of hands.

In May 2003 I went to Alaska. Read about part of the trip! Polychrome Basin, Denali National Park.
The Thinker by Rodin

History does not record what Rodin's model was actually thinking about. While we can't read his thoughts, you CAN read mine:

"Heroes" of the information age

Needs versus wants in an age of plenty

Dying in this post industrial era.

Book Review: The Rules


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